What is a Made Man in the Mafia?

[November 2022]

To discover the secrets of the Mafia and make a great Mafia themed game, we need do some digging and really get to the bottom of what IS a Made Man.

If you've ever watched Goodfellas, you're probably intrigued by Tommy's dream of Getting Made, or becoming a Made Man. In a famously brutal underworld where stepping on anybody's toes can get you killed, being a Made Man is the ultimate safety net. Nobody is immune from getting whacked, not even bosses or Capi di Tutti Capi (Boss of bosses). Getting Made is the closest thing to invulnerability in this harsh reality.

Tommy DeVito Source: (GoodFellas (IMDB))

Made Man's position in Mafia Hierarchy

How a Made Man fits into the ranks of the Mafia

Not all Mafia families have the typical structure, where do Made Men fit into that? To the left is a graphic showing the traditional tiers in a Mafia Hierarchy. Getting Made would seem like it's the first step towards climbing the Mafia Order, yet in order to get made there are several things a man must do, or be, first.

Requirements to be a Made Man

  • Only Men can be part of La Cosa Nostra
  • Must be at least half Italian descent (Further info)
  • Proven ability to make money
  • Have no links to law enforcement
  • Must be sponsored by an existing Made Man
  • Prove loyalty to the family by carrying out a contract killing
  • Agree to abide by the Omerta code

So as you can see, to even be considered to become a Made Man, you have to have all the right credentials. Many aspirant gangsters, including Henry and Jimmy in Goodfellas couldn't quite meet the stringent rules and remained as Associates. The closed shop at the top of the Mafia was designed to protect the bosses, but did it end up creating disgruntled associates who had no way to improve their official standing in the Mafia?

Christopher gets Made

In popular culture, there are a few important depictions of being Made. Christopher is shown getting Made in one scene, then shortly after, complains to Paulie about the pressure to earn money. This highlights the pressure that Made Men are under to both organize their associates and pass money up to their superiors.

The Unlikely Made Men

Domenico Violi was allegedly Underboss of the Buffalo Mafia. He was almost certainly already a Made Man to have been in the position to be promoted to Underboss and his boss allegedly had to seek the approval of The Commission to promote a non-Italian to Underboss (Source).

John A. Gotti became Boss of the Gambino Crime Family in 1991 after his father, John Gotti, was imprisoned despite not being of full italian descent. It's unclear if John A. was initiated as a Made Man, although it's likely considering he became acting Boss.

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