The MMM Connected Guy Protection Program

[October 2023]

A new mobster enjoying the benefits of Connected Guy protection in the Mafia

Why create a protection Program?

Made Man Mafia is a competitive game where players can attack eachother (PvP Mafia game). This is great fun when you're going toe-to-toe with a rival Mafia family. It sucks if you're new though. MMM Incentivizes attacking other players by way of Killer ranks. Joining a game and getting attacked right away is hard, and saps any motivation to continue playing and learning. This is why we created the MMM Connected Guy Protection Program.

How does it work?

New players will receive a bonus when they sign up. It lasts 7 days. If you received a referral link from another player, you can get 14 days of protection instead. Players will not be able to attack you unless you break the terms of the protection program.

Your name with shield icon displayed denoting participation in the Protection Program in Made Man Mafia
Players that are in the Connected Guy Protection Program have a shield by their name

What ends the Protection?

  • Attacking another player: That player will be able to revenge attack you
  • Becoming a Made Man: Your protection ceases when you stop being a "Connected Guy" and become a Made Man. You'll become a Made Man if you obtain Membership, spend $10, or add 50,000 credits from your account to a round.
  • Time Expires: Once your 7 (or 14) days are up, you've gotta make your way in the world and find whatever other forms of protection you can!

Why not just have a standard protection program?

Being immune to attacks from other players can be really strong. If you become a Made Man, you should be able to stand on your own two feet. Made Men have better chances at winning prizes, and the playing field should be level between players competing for the same prize.

Revenge Attacks

We're doing this a bit differently to other sites. If a new player attacks you, you should be able to retaliate. These attacks aren't personal though. You can teach the loose cannon a lesson, but you shouldn't need a team to fight your battles against a new player!

What if I'm a new player and I want to attack someone?

That's fine, but you'll lose your protection. If you're a new player, you should be focusing on building up your account, and learning the game. Attacking other players is a great way to learn, but you'll need to be prepared to defend yourself. Look for targets that aren't likely to attack back such as NPCs.

What forms of protection exist afterwards?

Strength in numbers

Team up - you're much stronger if you have other players in your corner.


Made Man Mafia is a strategic game. If you jump in and try to go full Leeroy Jenkins, you're gonna make a lot of enemies. Work out who you can trust, and get to know who your allies & enemies are. Only then can you regularly win prizes and medals.

Hire Protection

When you hire, you'll be protected from all attacks except for revenge attacks for a short duration. Max 60 seconds at a time. This is to give you a chance to bypass a rival before they can keep smacking you down.

Protection Shield Icon showing that a player is protected from attacks in the Made Man Mafia game UI.
Example of UI icon showing protection for the next 57 seconds


Players can attack eachother within a certain networth range. This is usually 4X your networth to half your networth. If you want to avoid being attacked, try keeping your networth very low, or very high to make it more difficult for other players to get in range of you.


Travelling can be really quick and cheap in MMM. To attack you, an enemy must be in the same city. If you keep travelling, it reduces their chances of being in the same place. You can be gone by the time they follow you to a new city.

How do I get started?

Get 14 days Connected Guy Protection if you use this link. And remember to reach out and find a family to get your back!

The protection program is visible on your Bonuses page in game.  If you have the bonus listed, it's active.  Otherwise, you're not protected!
The Protection Program BONUS as seen on the bonuses page in game in MMM