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The Made Man Mafia Blog

Grab a coffee and spend a few minutes exploring our blog. Read our thoughts on the state of online Mafia games, plans, and updates for Made Man Mafia. Deeper reading about what's going on in the world of Mafia. Posts will be made roughly once per month.

Omerta - the Mafia's bloody wall of silence

[January 2023]

Avatars representing Mafia Members comprising the logo of with zippers on their lips to represent Omerta - the vow of silence

What is The Omertà code?

The Omertà code is a code of silence that is commonly associated with the mafia and other organized crime groups. The code is based on the principle of "omertà," which means... continue reading

What is a Made Man in the Mafia?

[November 2022]

To discover the secrets of the Mafia and make a great Mafia themed game, we need do some digging and really get to the bottom of what IS a Made Man.

If you've ever watched Goodfellas, you're probably intrigued by Tommy's dream of Getting Made, or becoming a Made Man. In a famously brutal underworld where stepping on anybody's toes can get you killed, being a Made Man is the ultimate safety net. Nobody is immune from getting whacked, not even bosses or Capi di Tutti Capi (Boss... continue reading

Responsive design for web based games

[November 2022]

What it's like to build a browser game for mobiles, how we face up to the challenges, and why we still think browser games rock.

If you're anything like me, you've signed up for dozens, maybe hundreds of online games. The average play-time of a new player on a text-based browser game is remarkably short. We can speculate a lot about why that is, but one thing usually stands out in our market research. 68% of the new players we've spoken to and gained feedback from have said... continue reading

Merits and lessons of a round-based game

[August 2022]

In today's world of always-online, push notifications, and loot boxes - is there still any merit to round-based gaming?

Realistically, the days of hundreds of people logging into a text-based game each week to see the happenings at the end of the round are probably over. Back in the day, some games saw thousands online when a round was coming to a close. There was lots to organize, and generally lots of attacks flying around. I get a pang of nostalgia just writing... continue reading

A Multiplayer online Mafia game to play with friends

[August 2022]

Find a game with the kind of multiplayer features that work for you!

There are many types of online games, and many of them have either multiplayer elements or an entire version based around multiplayer.
Not all games are made equal, and that's usually why we love them. Each is a little different and brings a new way to play. Copycats don't fare too well. History is littered with rip-off and cookie-cutter games. Many online games directories are full of sites that... continue reading

Introduction to Man Made Mafia: a free online browser game

[July 2022]

Whether you're new to the genre, or a seasoned Mafia veteran, this post will fill you in on what MMM is, how you fit in, and what kind of updates the game will get in the future. Let's dive in!

What is MMM?

Made Man Mafia is a game that puts you in the shoes of a mafioso - A member of the Mafia. There are a few ways we could describe the game, we'll start with the goal. Your goal is to build your network of associates and compete with other... continue reading

Are Text-Based browser games dying?

[May 2022]

Where does talk of a whole subset of games "dying" come from?

Anybody who's played an online text-based browser game, TBBG for short, has probably heard that "these games are dying anyway" when the subject of dwindling game populations arises. As a player for many years, and now a creator of such TBBGs, I've heard it a lot. Usually from players that have got bored with that particular game. A quick google of whether text based games are dying yields a great many articles going... continue reading

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