How to Play Made Man Mafia

Your Mission

Choose how you want to play. Pick a rank on the Prizes page, and do whatever it takes to get to the top by the time the round finishes.


Made Man Mafia runs several types of Rounds. At the beginning of each round, You'll start over - on a level playing field with everybody else. You can join a round up to 24 hour before it starts, at any point until it ends. Shortly after the round ends, prizes will be awarded to all Mafiosos who finish in ranking positions. Check the Round settings page for info on each round.

  • Main rounds last 7 days and are the default gameplay for Made Man Mafia.
  • Mini rounds last 3 days, have a higher turn speed.
  • Turbo rounds last a few hours and have special rules for attacks.
  • New special rounds are coming soon. Complete the special objective to end the round and win prizes.


Turns are the lifeblood of your Mafia career. Use turns to hire people to work for you, collect money, launch attacks on your rivals and much more. You gain turns every few minutes. You can boost your turn speed several ways. Many speed boosts stack with eachother for extra effect!

  • Vote for Made Man Mafia - Boosts speed for up to 24 hours.
  • Use Intel - Gain intel to boost your turn speed by up to 200.
  • Add account Credits - Previous winnings can be used to power you up!
  • Daily Bonus - Build your streak to get big bonuses!
  • Become a member - Raise your speed by contributing to the game.
  • Sub-up - Mini round subscription MULTIPLIES your turn speed.


See if your skills stack up against other Mafiosos. Compete for kills, money, and loot. More prizes will be coming soon thanks to our awesome prize flexibility. Use the Prizes page to track your progress and see if you can beat other players.


You hit me - We hit you. So goes the old mafia saying. Team up with like-minded mafiosos and form a Family. These are the people who have your back when the shit hits the fan. The Mafia life is a dangerous one and the lone mafioso often ends up in an early grave. Build a family that nobody in their right mind would mess with. Go to war with other families and become the best in the game to win prizes for each member.

NEW! - Chip in and help your family complete missions. Add to your family's income and ensure a good family rank!


How to make more money? You've gotta outsource. If the only thing you sell is your time, you'll always be broke. Use your turns to hire people to work for you.

  • Operatives are good at making money.
  • Defensives protect your businesses.


Organised crime is dog-eat-dog. If you're not the fiercest motherfucker in the city, you're paying them. Your Defensive units can be re-purposed to launch raids on your rivals. From small skirmishes for territory, to all out war - you win, or you die. Most attacks give the defender a territorial advantage, so pick your targets carefully! You can attack people with a similar networth to yourself.

  • Headquarters Invasion - Send all your men to the enemy headquarters and utterly defeat them.
  • Drive-By - Lightning fast raids designed to overcome the territory advantage.
  • Business Attack - Destroy their business operations and kill their operatives.
  • Armoury Raid - Beat the enemy and steal their weapons!
  • Drug Stash - Raid their narcotics operations.
  • Garage Raid - Steal vehicles.
  • Hangar Raid - Steal aircraft.


Many attacks allow you to steal game items from the defeated enemy. The value of this loot counts towards looter ranks. There are several bonuses available to increase your looting ability.


Cash is King. Especially in the mafia. A Made Man who doesn't pull in the numbers and send up the boss' cut on time is on borrowed time.


Instruct your operatives to work on producing narcotics, money or weapons. These can be sold for cash, or used to equip your businesses.

Black Market

If you can't make your own, there are black market contacts willing to sell you anything you need. Make sure your defensive units have a weapon each, and enough narcotics to keep them happy in your service.


Stash your cash to protect it from being stolen. You can put some cash in a bank and earn interest. Store other cash in private vaults or send to family members who can protect it better.


The Mafia is global now. The astute mafioso blends in and doesn't draw attention to himself. Travel to cities around the world to explore new business opportunities and suppress your rivals.


An eye for an eye. Any Mafioso who gets attacked and loses will gain a "revenge" for 24 hours. During this time, they may take revenge against the attacker no matter their networth. And seeing as revenge is best served cold, they can attack as much as they like.


Become part of the Made Man Mafia community. Add friends in the game and keep tabs on how they're doing. Build your network so you don't become isolated!


Made Man Mafia uses a Bonus system to offer various rewards in game. Many elements of the game can be enhanced with bonuses earned by playing the game. You can view your bonuses on the " Home" page within a round.

Capo di Tutti Capi

Capo di Tutti Capi means "Boss of all Bosses". This is a special bonus in Made Man Mafia which confers respect and bonuses upon the holder. There can only be one Capo at a time. To become Capo, you've gotta show your worth. Defeat the current Capo in battle, or win the title through intel connections or voting rewards.

MMM Cash

MMM cash can be won as prizes, or purchased from the shop. This is used to buy upgrades for your character, extra turns or premium membership to Made Man Mafia.

That's the basics - Learn more as you Play!

Install MMM on Android

After a short while on the site, you should see a popup...

Step 1: Click "Add MMM to Home screen"

Screenshot of step 1 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for android mobile devices

Step 2: Click "Install"

Screenshot of step 2 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for android mobile devices

Step 3: Click "Add"

Screenshot of step 3 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for android mobile devices

Step 4: Play MMM like a pro

By adding MMM to your home screen, you'll be able to see notifications once they're available. Quickly browse the app in fullscreen - giving you more space, and better navigation.

Install MMM on iOS

Step 1: Click the Menu button

Screenshot of step 1 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for iOS mobile devices

Step 2: Click "Add to Home screen"

Screenshot of step 2 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for iOS mobile devices

Step 3: Click "Add"

Screenshot of step 3 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for iOS mobile devices

Step 4: Move the shortcut

Screenshot of step 4 installing Made Man Mafia PWA shortcut for iOS mobile devices