Frequently asked questions

Here you can get some quick answers to common questions about Made Man Mafia.


Can you tell me my password?

No, that's encrypted for your security. You can Recover your account if you lost or forgot your password.

Can I have multiple accounts?

You are only allowed to play on one account as per the Game Rules.

Can I stay logged in if my IP address changes?

Yes! On your account page, if you're frequently playing while mobile and getting logged out regularly, it can be frustrating. This is a security measure designed to keep your account secure. You can opt to bypass this though and stay logged in if your IP changes.


I lost an attack when I had more defensive units...

It's not just a numbers game. You, and the player you attacked can have all kinds of attack and defense bonuses. Make sure you remember to buy weapons for your guys. Don't bring a kinfe to a gun fight!

What is "Maxing"?

You can only be attacked a certain amount of times. After that, a few more become available each hour. The amount depends on the round settings. A player is "Maxed" when they hit that limit and cannot be attacked anymore.

How can I attack other players?

Find targets on the Attack page. It's usually a good idea to pick a target that has fewer defensive units than you do. Don't forget to buy weapons for your defensive units.

Why am I "out of range"?

You can attack players with roughly the same amount of prestige as you have. This is based on networth. If a player is too high in networth, or too low compared to your own you'll need to get closer to them to be able to attack.

Game features

What is a pipe bomb?

The pipe bomb is a special mission for your family. When used against another family, it will damage their regular income.

How can I pipe bomb a family?

Only the family Don can choose the special mission. If you're the don of your family, select the pipe bomb mission and a target in family options page.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, in fact that's the best way to play. Team up with your mates and kick some ass. If you don't have any, make some in the game by talking to other players.

Other players are sending mean messages...

If you attack NPCs in the game, they may taunt you. If you'd like to disable taunts, contact the admin.

Game mechanics

What is a Made Man?

A Made Man is a fully initiated member of the Mafia - untouchable without the boss's permission. We use the terms "Made Man" and "Connected Guy" to split up rankings. Made Men have memberships, have added credits, or made purchases. Everyone else is a Connected Guy. This keeps competition fair.

What is a Round?

Think of it like a boxing match. You get up and throw your punches. When the round is done, you go again. Each round has prizes though which you can redeem in future rounds. This gives a regular level playing field.

How do you play Made Man Mafia?

The players that have the most fun in MMM tell us they treat the game like a sandbox. There are a multitude of prizes to aim for each round and medals to win. Look on the prizes page once you join a round, and try aining for different wins. Building a full set of medals is a great stretch goal.

Why do I get attacked so much?

MMM is a cut-throat game. Attacking your enemies is a great way to stay on top. The great news is that you can still win many categories even if you get attacked a lot. Not everybody can handle it. Those who can usually get into the Mafioso mindset and love a scrap.

Is this the "Mafia" party game?

No. It's a stand-alone game where you play the role of a Mafioso. MMM can be played from anywhere at any time. No friends needed, but you may just make a few along the way.

How often is there a new game?

Each week, we currently run 3 rounds but it'll soon be 4. rounds usually end on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday evenings. Look out for our new Saturday game soon! You can play multiple rounds at the same time so there's always something to do.


Can I refund any unused Membership?

Our Refund Policy states that as all purchases immediately affect the game, these items are non-refundable.

Can I stop my Membership?

Yes, you can pause your membership by contacting an administrator in game. Please note it may take up to 48 to process these requests.

Can I extend my Membership?

Yes, if you purchase further Member days, they will add onto your current membership and extend the expiry date.

Are there any discounted memberships available?

The cheapest membership options will always be displayed on the membership part of the shop. To keep the game fair, this is the only way to gain membership and the only deals offered are available to all players through the shop. This is in line with our Mission Statement.

I don't want to be a Made Man ...

If you wish to qualify for Connected Guy ranks instead of Made Man, you can ask the admin to pause your membership. Please bear in mind that it can take 48 hours to pause your membership, and if you're auto-joining the round, you'll be automatically added as a made man 24 hours before it starts.

Do memberships give higher starting turns?

All players start each round with the same number of turns. This is to prevent Members instantly killing everybody else once the round starts. The flip-side of no extra starting turns is that your turn speed is increased in ALL rounds for as long as your membership lasts. This means you don't have to keep buying different "subs" for different types of rounds.

What is the 2x Referral tickets perk?

When a Gold or Platinum Member joins a round, the player that referred them (if any) will receive two tickets for the monthly referral raffle instead of one.


Why refer people to MMM?

Word of mouth is pretty big for niche games. Players who already have an "in" are more likely to stick around. This helps the game grow, and we provide incentives for you to refer people you know to the game.

How do I refer someone?

When you're logged in, click the "Refer" link in the header. On the "Get your link" section, choose from the available links. These all do the same thing, but will show a different image to suit your needs. Simply click one of the images, then the "Copy Link" button. Paste your link responsibly, and start earning rewards.

What do I get for referring someone?

Once a player clicks your link and creates an account, they will start earning you rewards. Every time they join a round, you get 7,500 account credits, and both players get 5% better hire rates for the entire round. You also earn raffle tickets that can win you prizes in the monthly draw. The more active the players, the better your chances.

Why isn't my referral showing up?

Probably because they didn't click your link, haven't verified their account yet, or because somebody else referred them after you.

Can I refer existing players?

Yes. You get all the same rewards for bringing a player back to the game. Simply have them click your link and login.

Why have I lost a referral?

If a player gets permanently banned, you will not gain any more rewards from the referral. It's also possible that another player "stole" the referral from you by inviting them back to the game. Only the latest referrer gets the rewards.

Where can I post my link?

Sharing your link directly to friends that you'd like to invite is the best method. Group chats on whatsapp or discord can also be a good source of referrals. Sharing on your social media or personal website is a good idea. Some sites allow public referral links to be posted - Please check with the site owner, and don't spam other people sites. If we get complaints about spamming, you may lose access to the referral program.

Someone is spamming!

Please email us at providing details of the offense.

Can I earn cash by referring?

We currently award prizes of $10, $5, and 500,000 credits to 3 lucky referrers each month. The cash prizes are paid in MMM Cash, and can be withdrawn to a PayPal account. All MMM cash is covered by the policy on the MMM cash page.


Do daylight savings time start/end affect ongoing Rounds?

No, rounds that are active when the timezone is updated will remain unaffected. Only rounds that begin after the current main round ends will be affected.

When do round start and end times get updated?

Every year, on the 5th April and 5th of November, upcoming rounds have their start/end time affected. More details available on the What's New - Automatic daylight Savings adjustment policy page.