New Daylight Savings Policy

[April 2024]

Automatic Daylight Savings Switches

Made Man Mafia has a new policy of shifting round start and end times. This is to accommodate daylight savings changes around the world.

The new policy is automated, so it can be reliably predicted. It also means we don't need an admin to manually update round end and start times.

How does it work?

Twice a year, on specified dates, upcoming rounds will have their timezones adjusted. This is automatic, predictable, and reliable.

Spring Daylight savings adjustment

On 5th April every year, upcoming rounds will be adjusted to end 1 hour earlier.

Autumn/Fall Daylight savings adjustment

On 5th November every year, upcoming rounds will be adjusted to end 1 hour later.

You're Late.  Angry Mobster showing his watch, unimpressed with your timekeeping - Made Man Mafia
Don't be Late! A late mobster is a dead mobster.

What are the benefits of new timezone policy?

  • No rounds will have their start / end time changed while the round is ongoing.
  • Players can plan their round end strategies in advance.
  • You will know in advance when the shift will happen.
  • It's automated, so it's reliable and predictable.
  • Less work for admins, so we can focus on improving the game.

Freauently Asked Questions

Does it affect ongoing Rounds?

No, rounds that are active when the timezone is updated will remain unaffected. Only rounds that begin after the current main round ends will be affected.

Will I receive a notification when the change is coming?

If you're in the main round on 5th April or 5th of November, you'll receive a message informing you that the next round will have a timezone shift.


If you're eagle-eyed, as all good mobsters should be, you'll notice that 5th April and 5th November don't align with daylight savings dates. This is intentional. It closely ties to UK daylight savings shifts, and has the added benefit of 3-4 weeks for users around the world with different patterns to play the ends of rounds at a slightly different time. A good hustler will find a way to make a gameplay advantage!

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