A Multiplayer online Mafia game to play with friends

[August 2022]

Find a game with the kind of multiplayer features that work for you!

There are many types of online games, and many of them have either multiplayer elements or an entire version based around multiplayer. Not all games are made equal, and that's usually why we love them. Each is a little different and brings a new way to play. Copycats don't fare too well. History is littered with rip-off and cookie-cutter games. Many online games directories are full of sites that are poor copies of each other. So when something different comes along, it can turn heads.

What's the point of a multiplayer game?

Made Man Mafia is a browser-based game with rich systems that reward excellent multiplayer gameplay and strategy. The concept of a clan (our version is a Mafia Family) is not new. As soon as multiple players are involved, some kind of teamwork begins. And with that teamwork come common goals, triumphs, and shared losses. Throughout history, humans formed tribes. Seth Godin has a brilliant book called "Tribes", it's fascinating. Over the last few hundred years though, the concept of the tribe has been eroded. We know more people than ever before but probably trust fewer.

Yet, when it comes to gaming, in particular when playing with others, the tribe concept is strong. You may not know your neighbors, but whether you clear dungeons, build kingdoms, slay zombies, or play sports with strangers online, you find your tribe. Gaming with a friend from Peru, Poland, or Portugal is a tighter bond than the Perkinses next door.

Finding your Family

There's just something about an orchestrated attack on a rival family. The planning that goes into it, deciding who's going after which target, the adrenaline before, and seeing the damage you caused after. Teaming up with a family is the best way to play Made Man Mafia. You can join an existing family, or bring your own crew in through our referral program and leave your mark for all to see.

Family screenshot

Example of family roles and gameplay in Made Man Mafia Game

Here's an example of what you may see in-game. Knowing who's in charge and who has what role is vital. The family Don makes most of the key decisions. You have private message boards to talk with your family members. You also have strength in numbers. The bigger your family, the more your enemies will think twice about attacking you!

What kind of gamers play MMM?

MMM is quite cut-throat by nature. It tends to attract more hardcore gamers, and those who can quickly learn strategies will excel. Most MMM players also play lots of other games. We don't try to take over your life, you can play as little or as much as you like and can make an impact just by playing a few minutes a day.

Reasons to team up...

The main one is that it's more fun. You get to enjoy and share your victories with your teammates, and you can come to receive support and friendship in return. Then there's the fact that MMM is a tough game. You probably won't survive if you try to go it alone. It is possible, but it's much easier when you have a team. More friends and fewer enemies is always a good strategy! And then there's the teamwork; there's a beauty in executing a plan to perfection with your teammates that's impossible to get playing solo.

Multiplayer features in MMM

Whether you're playing co-op, or it's you versus the world, here are the ways you can interact with other players in Made Man Mafia.

  • Keep track of your Blood Brothers, Friends, Enemies, and Mortal Enemies.
  • Work with your teammates to collect intel and prevent it from falling into the hands of your rivals.
  • Choose from 7 different types of attacks to inflict damage on your enemies.
  • Take swift retribution with the ability to take revenge on players that attack you.
  • Co-ordinate your attacks with your family for maximum destruction.
  • Launch turf wars against rival gangs to steal their turf. The best team usually wins!
  • Choose special family missions to advance your agenda, or hinder your enemies.
  • Chill out, relax and keep in touch with your family message boards.
  • Create private boards for you and your friends.
  • Share the spoils by winning credits and MMM cash for being the best family.
  • Choose whether to go after NPCs or real players. Making enemies is much more fun than in real life.
  • Support your friends with the ability to send them money and gifts.
  • Organise with your family to gain powerful daily bonuses.
  • Promote the best players in your family to new positions.

How easy is it?

You can make an account in under a minute. There's nothing to download. It's free. It's available on every device. What are you waiting for?