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A modern turn-based Mafia role-playing game (RPG)

Join a community of hundreds of mafiosos from around the world. Made Man Mafia is a Text-Based Browser Game (TBBG) with heavy focus on building a great community. Pick your path to victory and execute your game-plan to win prizes. Made Man Mafia is one of the best up-and-coming mafia games online.

Blow away the competition

  • Test your mettle against players from around the world.
  • Fight deadly battles for supremacy.
  • Compete to win regular cash prizes.

Become a Made Man

  • Build your reputation and defeat those who challenge you.
  • Can you become Untouchable?
  • Choose and execute your strategy to perfection.

Win Prizes

  • Affirm your place as Top Dog at end of round and win prizes.
  • Out-smart your opponents and finish first in the ranks.
  • Choose a ranking category to aim for - or win them all!

Command Respect

  • Lead your mafia family to take over your city.
  • Protect your family with swift retribution.
  • Display your medals and accolades for all to see.
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If you have the determination to become a Made Man,
you'll enjoy the finer things in life.
Begin building your reputation as you found a criminal empire.
Show the world you're not someone to mess with!
Are you ready to start on your path to glory?

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