Refer + Rewards

Use your link to refer new members, or bring back inactive players - rewards are the same!

Here's what you can earn from sharing your link and getting new players to the game.

Referred Mafioso confirms e-mail:
+1 Referral Raffle Ticket.
Referred Mafioso joins a round:
+5% Hire Rate (Both Players)
Referred Mafioso joins a round:
+7500 Account Credits.
Referred Mafioso joins a round:
+1 Referral Raffle Ticket.
Referred Mafioso wins Individual Rank:
+1 Referral Raffle Ticket.
Referred Mafioso refers another player:
+1 Referral Raffle Ticket.

Get your link!

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On the final day of each month, All referral raffle tickets from that month are added to a pool.
5 winning tickets will be drawn the following day. Cash prizes, credits and Account Upgrade Tokens are available to win!
From March 2023, 5 winners will be awarded instead of 3.

You have 0 Tickets for this month's raffle

March Winners

VTW won 2 Upgrade Tokens
J-Mike423 won 2 Upgrade Tokens
Scarfo won 500k credits + 3 Upgrade Tokens


MMM will run periodic referral competitions. Earn points by referring other players, and gain additional points when they play, win prizes, or refer further players.
Referral competition details

Why refer people to MMM?

Word of mouth is pretty big for niche games. Players who already have an "in" are more likely to stick around. This helps the game grow, and we provide incentives for you to refer people you know to the game.

How do I refer someone?

When you're logged in, click the "Refer" link in the header. On the "Get your link" section, choose from the available links. These all do the same thing, but will show a different image to suit your needs. Simply click one of the images, then the "Copy Link" button. Paste your link responsibly, and start earning rewards.

What do I get for referring someone?

Once a player clicks your link and creates an account, they will start earning you rewards. Every time they join a round, you get 7,500 account credits, and both players get 5% better hire rates for the entire round. You also earn raffle tickets that can win you prizes in the monthly draw. The more active the players, the better your chances.

Why isn't my referral showing up?

Probably because they didn't click your link, haven't verified their account yet, or because somebody else referred them after you.

Can I refer existing players?

Yes. You get all the same rewards for bringing a player back to the game. Simply have them click your link and login.

Why have I lost a referral?

If a player gets permanently banned, you will not gain any more rewards from the referral. It's also possible that another player "stole" the referral from you by inviting them back to the game. Only the latest referrer gets the rewards.

Where can I post my link?

Sharing your link directly to friends that you'd like to invite is the best method. Group chats on whatsapp or discord can also be a good source of referrals. Sharing on your social media or personal website is a good idea. Some sites allow public referral links to be posted - Please check with the site owner, and don't spam other people sites. If we get complaints about spamming, you may lose access to the referral program.

Someone is spamming!

Please email us at providing details of the offense.

Can I earn cash by referring?

We currently award prizes of $10, $5, and 500,000 credits to 3 lucky referrers each month. The cash prizes are paid in MMM Cash, and can be withdrawn to a PayPal account. All MMM cash is covered by the policy on the MMM cash page.