Balance Updates for March 2023

[March 2023]

It's been a while since we really looked at balance. A lot of focus has been on updating game UI and building new features.
Now we turn back to balance to tune some settings!

Balance Updates

Family Size - Max 8 players

Family size will be maximum 8 players for the next few months in order to:
Encourage more competitiveness between families
Account for the new family bank
Account for the account upgrades which can boost family income significantly
To be competitive will need all members pulling their weight.

Family Bank: ON

This has been in the works for a while. It should allow you to keep a portion of your money safe and puts less pressure on having a banker in each family. Unlock the family bank on the new MMM Account Upgrades page and get started with 6 daily deposits. You can spend account upgrade tokens to expand your family bank and deposit more frequently.

Attacks: more open each hour

We will be gradually increasing the amount of attacks that open each TOH (more often in Turbo rounds). The goal here is to accustomize players to an upcoming feature - Player businesses. These will see players, and NPCs earn money through businesses at regular intervals. Extorting money from these businesses through attacks will change the landscape of how often attacks will occur in future.

Attack Turn costs

Some attacks will become more expensive. These haven't been changed since the game launched, and there are a lot more turn bonuses and upgrades available now. If you want to be able to attack everyone, be prepared for the turn costs! We don't want MMM to become a game where everybody is zeroed all the time, and turn costs are part of that puzzle. You should be able to build your criminal organization without having to start over each day!

Prizes: Intel, Capo get new prizes, and more!

We are introducing credit prizes for the top 10 in Capo-di-tutti-capi, Intel ranks, and are looking to add a new rank - a family prize awarded to all members which is based on the size of the family bank. We are keeping the credit cap at 4,000,000 credits, so if you like maxing out your account then going on a spree, it's good news for you. You'll be able to reach max credits faster, and easier than you can now.

Kevlar Sale?

We've had some suggestions that you should be able to buy/sell kevlar vests among players. Let us know what you think, write a message on the community board in game!

Out of the loop?

If you haven't checked out MMM for a while, we'd love to see you back in game! Come and have your say, and while you're here, you may as well bash some heads together!

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