State of MMM - November 2022

[November 2022]

An assessment of the current state of MMM after just over 1 year. Your thoughts are very welcome on message boards or private messages.


Having just completed a house move, I'm behind with the new network and class system features. I originally planned the class system first, but then decided that tying the player classes into the network feature would be really cool. Network is intended to launch before the end of November. Class system is targeted for Mid December.

Ongoing Updates

I've got to a point where the game layout and navigation are acceptable for now. I will be doing small updates and improvements as suggested by you here and there. The main development thrust will be new features for the next couple of months though. I will return to layout design early 2023, and will be looking to improve many of the core pages so they look better across more devices.


We have a multi-pronged approach for encouraging new users to play MMM. Our online presence through SEO, backlinking and voting sites is starting to bring in more users. We have google ads bringing in new users until end of December. Refining that campaign is something that will continue to happen. We are also working to expand the reach of MMM in existing mafia groups.


It has been really difficult converting new users into regular players. We want to make the game a bit more intuitive, and provide potential players a better insight of what they'll be doing in the game. If you have ideas to help new players become regulars, please share! There's also a Time issue. I have about 90 jobs on my to-do list, and my time is split between a few big projects. Finding the time to make cool new features usually contests with maintaining the game and customer service. To that end, we are looking for volunteers to help out with community management, feedback collection, and bug reporting. Please contact Dave in game if you want to help out.

Big Thanks

I've saved the best for last. Here's a huge shout out to all the players that have been helping out lately. You've been racking up bug hunter medals and helping to put updates through their paces. I'm humbled, and very grateful for the honesty and speed with which you've reported problems in the game. Thanks to everyone that has financially supported MMM. It's through your purchases that Made Man Mafia stays online. Please continue to give your 2 cents on which purchase items you like and which need improving. Look forward to the Network and class systems coming soon, and wishing you and your family a fun-filled festive season! Dave (Made Man Mafia)