Emoji support? Yes please ?

[July 2021]

At Made Man Mafia we believe in using new technology to provide that retro thrill. We've been hard at work updating message boards to allow native emoji support. This means we can utilise native emoji, making communicating and connecting on Made Man Mafia easier. From a development perspective, it allows us to tap into the power of modern devices instead of maintaining code to insert small icons of GIFs. That means we can concentrate on making the game fun, competitive, and easy to navigate. If you can see the smiley emoji in the title, great news, you can view emoji on Made Man Mafia on your device. All modern smartphones should be supported, as well as recent versions of Windows, Max OS, and Linux.

Enable emoji support in Windows 7

Support for displaying emoji in windows 7 is a little patchier. If you have automatic updates enabled, you should be able to see most emoji. If you don't have automatic updates, you can Install a standalone font update from Microsoft. Simply follow the instructions on your page, select the x64 for 64 bit operating systems, and the x86 for 32 bit operating systems.