Launch Plans

[September 2021]

Launch is still planned for Sunday 3rd October.

We still have lots of things to update and improve before then. Here are some of the changes you can expect.

In Progress

  • Adding more voting sites
  • Updating our prize configurations
  • Setting the rounds up to end on Thursday and Sunday Afternoon / Evening, depending on your location.
  • Improvements to subscriptions
  • Defining what's a "Made Man"
  • Defining our jackpot system in a new page.
  • Detailing the extra prize pot
  • Couple of fixes to business attacks
  • Mailbox fixes (pagination)
  • Update to boards to only show links to players in the current round
  • Updating Mass Message and Mass reserves handout admin tools
  • Adding Blood Brothers & Mortal Enemies to friends list options
  • Recent Attacks Page

Stay tuned, and please check out the game while we're updating, let us know your opinions! Just message an Administrator in game.