2 Month Update - Roundup of changes

[December 2021]

The 2 months since MMM launched has passed in a flash! In that time, we've awarded $1000 in cash prizes to 8 different winners, completed 32 significant gameplay updates, fixed over 30 issues (thanks to those who reported them!).

  • Re-made the in-game shop with ability to buy packs with bonuses.
  • Use in-game winnings to get ahead of the crowd.
  • Continued UI improvements to make the game easy on the eye, and intuitive to use.
  • Extra Prize fund is available to award cash prizes for competitions and ranks.
  • Birthday Gift.
  • Family Bonuses that stack for online family members. Bring back the old days of coordinated union wars!

The game has progressed significantly since launch, and we have lots of features in the pipeline to improve it further.

  • We are about to apply some more updates to our referral program so that both players get a reward in every round played and have the opportunity to earn Gold and Platinum membership based on players referred.
  • Mortal enemies will be players that have wronged you in the past, and represent a danger. Get an alert when they're on the prowl.
  • Gain intelligence from your day-to-day activities. Run your shady business operations and muscle in on enemy territory to gain intel and opportunities to make money or build your reputation.
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