Made Man Mafia Post-Launch Updates

[September 2021]

Here's a list of our upcoming changes. These will be implemented shortly after launch on October 3rd 2021.

  • Prizes will be progressive based on amount of credits added to the round
  • Mortal Enemies will be notified when one of their enemies joins a round
  • A second type of family ranks for families composed mostly of Made Men
  • Look at ranking families based on something other than Networth
  • Improvements to Shop Layout
  • Updates to Mobile User Interface to replace the "Main Menu" bar with a better alternative
  • View a list of all your active boosts / Bonuses
  • Friendly Sites links
  • Customized bonus rewards for voting links
  • A log of all changes made to the site, and the round in which the change took effect
Plus much more after, we'd be delighted to hear your input.