Referral - Fluffy Wins!

[February 2022]

He led the whole way, and his connections proved fruitful. Fluffy takes home the top spot in Made Man Mafia's first referral competition, as well as a cool $80.00 and $45 in MMM Cash. Congratulations! The seven week competition has ended, and we've just awarded $265 in prizes. Points won from referred players joining rounds, confirming their accounts and winning prizes totaled 134. Fluffy took the lion's share with 74 points and wins his second competition in MMM. This follows him winning the Intel prize in round 31, and several mini rounds. MAXIMUS netted a commendable 34 points. This tally sees him finish in second place, and walk away with $30.00 in cash, plus $40 MMM Cash. That ought to cover a few beers! J-Mike423 was a latecomer to the contest but still managed to surge into 3rd place, amassing 17 points in the final few weeks. He wins $10.00 and $30 MMM Cash. Alch3m1st finished just outside the cash prizes in 4th place. His 6 points earned him $20 MMM Cash. SS rounds out the top 5 with 3 points. Don't spend the $10 MMM Cash all at once! We would like to thank all those that participated, and helped to spread the word of MMM. The more the game grows, the more exciting it gets. Every player that refers anybody will continue to earn the benefits. 7500 credits every time a referred player joins the round, and a permanent 5% hire bonus. Do you think you could outscore this top 5 and win the next competition? Play Now and become a Made Man!