Multi-functional NPCs to level-up the game

[December 2021]

Bots are a popular feature request from players. They provide opportunities to attack and loot that may otherwise be scarce. Several games have some kind of bot, or non-player character, but with the stability offered by our base AWD V3 script, we can built them to be much more. Here's an introductory list of features that come with our bots.

  • Automatically join a round when it starts
  • Send messages to players that attack them
  • Create themed families
  • Join regular families when invited
  • Get the same turns as regular players, and use them regularly
  • Collect money and send to family banker
  • Contribute towards Family Bonus if they're online
  • Login daily

We are also planning to add more features and capabilities for our bots. These include a welcome message system to help new players, integration with upcoming new gameplay features, performance improvements, different building and play styles, and updates based on player suggestions.

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