Capo Bonus - Become the Boss of all Bosses

[May 2022]

Introducing Capo di Tutti Capi - the new MMM Bonus

Made Man Mafia has a new bonus, and it's the talk of the town. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, become the Capo di Tutti Capi. It translates as "Boss of all Bosses" and you'll get an exclusive icon by your name to show your status in addition to the title (See below).

Capo bonus displayed by your name.

What does the capo get?

There are certain perks of being the boss of all bosses. Leverage your power to get gameplay benefits:

10% better attacks

5% Bigger Bank

10% better hiring

Unlimited Free Travel

How do you become the Capo di Tutti Capi?

There are now Five ways to get the Capo bonus. There can only be one, so you'll need to either buy it from the shop, or play the game smart to be get a chance to take the title!

  • Attack and zero the current Capo di Tutti Capi. If they're left with no defensive units after your attack, you will become the new Capo.
  • When you vote for Made Man Mafia, there's a chance that the extra reputation causes you to take over from the current Capo.
  • Likewise, it's possible to become Capo through Mafia Intel. There's a small chance that your intel leads you to defeat the capo and take their bonus without spilling any blood.
  • Capo can be purchased from the game Shop.
  • NEW! - Zero a "Hated" player for a chance to become Capo. (Network Feature)

Hold onto the bonus!

There are two ways to defend the bonus from other players attempting to take it from you.

Capo Protection

When you buy the Capo bonus from the game shop, you are afforded 3 minutes guaranteed protection. This works against other players buying it from the shop (they will be unable to buy while your capo protection is active). It also prevents other players stealing the bonus through intel or voting. If you are attacked and lose all of your defensive units, you will lose the bonus though, and whoever takes it from you also takes any remaining capo protection time. Hire defensive units and protect yourself from being attacked! Of course, being capo, you get 10% extra attack power so your defensive units are better at protecting you.

Strong Grasp

If you buy the capo bonus from the shop, you'll have what's called a "strong grasp" on the bonus. This means that other players cannot acquire the bonus through intel, or from voting. Strong grasp does not prevent anybody attacking you to take the bonus or purchasing it from the shop. Strong grasp lasts for 6 minutes if obtained via Intel, attacks or voting. Strong grasp lasts 1 hour if purchased from the shop, except for TURBO ROUNDS where it's 3 minutes.

Medal for being capo longest

If you can hold out for longer than anybody else, you can win the Capo di Tutti Capi medal. The player who has held the bonus for the longest total period of time during the round will win this medal after prizes are awarded.

Made Man Mafia capo medal


The capo bonus will start each round on a random bot. You can attack them to take it. It's in play right until the round ends for Mini rounds and TURBO ROUNDS. The bonus will expire 1 hour before the end in Main rounds.

Can you be the Boss of all bosses in MMM?

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