New Item! Kevlar boosts your defense abilities.

[January 2022]

[Updated June 2023]

Introducing a new game feature - Kevlar.

New Kevlar item in Made Man Mafia.  The kevlar vest protects your defensive units from damage during attacks.

This new item will boost the effectiveness of your defensive units and improve your longevity in mafia wars.

Make your armies go the distance in player vs player battles by equipping them with Kevlar vests. The extra protection makes your fighting units harder to kill, allowing you the staying power to go toe-to-toe with your adversaries for longer.

Use new Mafia Intel to gain Kevlar

These new vests are currently exclusive to the Intel game rewards. Earn intel by playing the game, claiming your daily bonuses, and searching your underworld contacts. Score unique items like Kevlar to give you the edge when it's time to fight.

We will be introducing a shop item in future to obtain further kevlar.

Complete challenges to gain guaranteed Kevlar Vests

A sure-fire way to get yourself some kevlar is to complete the game tutorial. This is a set of 6 challenges that you need to complete to get a special medal on your profile. Completing game challenges gives you all kinds of rewards and bonuses, and they can be completed in every round. Kevlar is just one of the rewards.

The idea behind kevlar

We initially wanted to make the Intel feature more exciting by adding kevlar. This would allow you, through continued interaction with the game, to build up your strength beyond what's capable from simply buying turns. This gives diligent players an advantage that cannot be bought.

This also adds some extra depth to the attack system. If your opponents don't know how well armoured your thugs, bodyguards, and hitmen are, they may leave you be or show you more respect. The strategies employed in a Mafia War are varied, and it's rarely just a case of who has more soldiers! Now, if you're hot on the Intel, you can accumulate enough kevlar to really spring a surprise on your enemies!