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[January 2022]

Prove your speed and skill by collecting the most Intel.

Fully loaded intel page on Made Man Mafia.  Search for intel, Obtain public intel, and turn intel into tangible gameplay benefits here.  See the most intelligent mobsters.

Whenever turns are used in the game, the game economy generates intelligence. These can be tip-offs for big scores, opportunities to hurt your rivals, or win gameplay bonuses. Make sure you use your own intelligence, make contacts who can help you find more, and whenever possible, beat your enemies to intel that is about to become public knowledge.

What is Intel

Intelligence is the lifeblood of the mobster life. A smart Mafioso need connections. Without them, the pressure to earn for the boss will become unbearable. Use your contacts to provide you with intelligence and use the intel to score some big pay days. Keep the boss happy, keep the Law at a distance. All through intel. Nobody ever hears about all the nobodies that got beaten to a score. You've gotta be fast.

Intel contents

The range of rewards in intel is pretty wide. You could be robbing a bank, or becoming the boss of all bosses. Here are some of the possible rewards:

Of course you cannot believe everything you hear. Some intel may require more investigation work. Some may lead you on a wild goose chase. Some may bring you face to face with Feds or undercover cops. And some is just plain useless. The more you get, the better your odds!

How much intel can I have?

All players start with the ability to hold 4 piece of Intel. You can use them at any time to make room for other stuff. If your intel is maxed, whatever your connections may generate will be made public instead. Gold and Platinum Members can hold 5 and 6 pieces of intel respectively. They can also search for intel more frequently. You can also

How do you gain Mafia Intel?

Intel can be obtained in several ways.

  • Normal gameplay, your network gives you intel when you use turns
  • Claiming your daily bonuses and building your streak
  • Joining a new round
  • By using your turns to search for intel
  • By beating other players and taking theirs
  • Checking in with your Network of Associates, Friends and Blood Brothers.
  • Beat your mortal enemies

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