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Introducing Intel. Collect it all to win!

[January 2022]

What is Intel

Intel is a game item which gives you the chance to earn many different types of rewards. A Mafioso need connections. Without them you're a sitting duck for the Law. Use your contacts to provide you with intelligence and use the intel to score some big pay days.

Earn unique rewards such as NEW Kevlar Vests, in game money, turns, black market items and exclusive in game bonuses.

How do you gain Mafia Intel?

Intel can be obtained in 4 ways.

  • Throughout normal game play, your contacts will create Intel for you

  • Claiming your daily bonuses, and joining new rounds
  • By using your turns to search for intel

  • By beating other players and taking theirs

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Start collecting your intel and building your network! Get Made, Get Intel, Get Paid!

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