New Membership Scheme

[June 2022]

New Membership options for Made Man Mafia

They're Here! New options to become a Member of MMM. Get great rewards for supporting the game.

These updates have been in the works for quite a while now. We've been reaching out and asking what you want from a game membership these days. We've been really pleased with the response and have tailored these new memberships to what you asked for!

New perks for Members

Profile Title

Choose whether to display your Gold Member / Platinum Member title on your profile.

More Intel!

Hold extra intel, and scout more often. Gold members get +1 max hold and scout per hour. Platinum members get +2 max hold and max scout per hour (+3 in mini rounds).

Auto-Join Rounds

Lock in your extra starting turns and reserves by automatically joining new rounds. Don't worry about joining the new rounds again, get added immediately using your nickname.

Auto-Create Family

As a member, create your family automatically and start generating money right away! You can now remember your family name and Icon! You'll also be able to auto-invite regular members to your family so they're not out in the cold!

Get Made, Stay Made

Qualify automatically for Made Man Ranks. Once you get made, there's no such thing as demotion. Combining with the auto-join round option, you can guarantee yourself a spot in Made Man ranks by being a member.

Share the love

If you were referred, the player that referred you will get 2 raffle tickets every time you join a round instead of just one.

No more name stealing!

Other players will not be able to join rounds with your nickname as long as your membership is active.

New Perks SOON!

Perks system is under development. Platinum Members will have an exclusive selection of perks to choose from.

New Pricing

You asked for more affordable memberships, and we're delivering just that. You can become a Member at Made Man Mafia for as little as $0.72 per day.

More long term options

Save with a longer commitment. Save up to 28% on memberships and renew less often by selecting our 90 or 180 day options.

You'll also receive a notification when your membership is close to expiring. That way you can avoid losing your benefits.

Comparison of Member Benefits

Regular player

Gold Member

Platinum Member
500 Main Round Speed 1,000 1,500
1,000 Mini Round Speed 1,400 2,000
5,000 Turbo Round Speed 15,000 30,000
4 Max Intel Slots 5 6
4 Max Intel Scout 5 6
Auto-join Rounds
Auto-create Family
Made Man
Normal Referral Tickets 2X to referrer 2X to referrer
Reserve Nickname
Profile Title
Coming Soon Perks System Coming Soon Coming Soon
(Extra perks)

Check out the shop in game to view pricing options and support the game by becoming a member

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