Introduction to Man Made Mafia: a free online browser game

[July 2022]

Whether you're new to the genre, or a seasoned Mafia veteran, this post will fill you in on what MMM is, how you fit in, and what kind of updates the game will get in the future. Let's dive in!

What is MMM?

Made Man Mafia is a game that puts you in the shoes of a mafioso - A member of the Mafia. There are a few ways we could describe the game, we'll start with the goal. Your goal is to build your network of associates and compete with other players from around the world to win prizes. There are different fronts to compete for prizes on, and you can choose which to aim for. Or dispense with the choice and go for them all!

MMM is a Round-Based game. Think of rounds like rounds of a boxing match. Each has a defined start and end date. Once the round is over, players are ranked based on how well they played. The top "Made Man" in each round usually wins a cash jackpot prize. You can also win other cash prizes - we have an "Extra prize fund" which is used to assign prizes to players who do best in their respective ranks. There are 3 rounds most weeks. There's always a "Main" round active which runs from Sunday to Sunday. Mini rounds run Tuesday - Friday. Turbo rounds are a rapid 2-hour round on Tuesday nights. All have credits and cash prizes available to win.

MMM is primarily Text-Based. This makes the game available anywhere, fast, light-weight, and kind to your data allowances if you're mobile.

MMM is a multiplayer online role-playing game. You can directly compete with, or collaborate with players from around the world. This is the kind of game where you can make friends for life. It's always best to join up with a family (your crew) - you can protect each other. MMM is pretty cut-throat, and you're in for a rough ride if you can't find a crew! Families also have their own Mafia family ranking system - every member in the winning families will win a prize.

How did it start?

To explain this, let me introduce myself. I'm Dave, the owner and currently sole operator of MMM. I'm a life-long gamer and was introduced to text-based mafia games in my early teens. I got frustrated at the slow development of my favorite games and resolved to start my own. That game was Mafia Inferno and I ran it for 9 years before selling. Around the same time as I sold, I was hard at work on a new generation of Mafia Game Scripts. Many games are still based on code from the early 2000s and became progressively tougher to work on. PHP 8 had just been released in November 2020, so I figured I'd make something future-proof. The result is AWD Mafia Script V3 and MMM is the first game I've built using that script. Long story short - I wanted the ability to easily develop cool new features, and now I can. Although text-based online gaming isn't as popular as it once was, I'm determined to bring fun new games to the public and show what this style of game has to offer!

MMM is a free-to-play online mafia game

It's free to create an account on MMM, and there's no monthly fee. You can play in a true Free-to-Play manner and still do well here. Many games which offer cash jackpots restrict them to paying players - whether directly or indirectly. A portion of game-supporting payments goes towards a fund that's used to offer the chance for non-spenders to also win cash. It's our way of bringing some of the competition and feel of e-sports to more rank types. Free players can also win cash through the referral system.

NO PAYWALL - The main gameplay features in MMM will never require payment. MMM is aiming to be friendly for all types of players - whether you spend hundreds, or spend nothing, the game is designed to be fun for YOU. There are dedicated rankings in MMM so that non-spenders can win great prizes by competing with those with similar circumstances.

How is the game funded?

MMM is primarily funded through reserve buys and our membership program. You may buy additional reserve turns, or support the site by becoming a Gold Member or Platinum Member. Anyone that takes the opportunity to make a purchase and keep the game running will be moved from "Connected Guy" ranks into "Made Man" ranks. This keeps you competing with players in a similar situation to yourself.

We usually put 50 - 60% of purchases directly back into prizes and the remainder is used to develop the game, maintain server infrastructure and attract more players through digital marketing.

Anybody wishing to become a member can use the game shop to do so. There are lots of benefits associated with being a member such as faster turn speeds in all rounds. Click the image to learn more.
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