New Family Ranks System

[March 2022]

[Updated June 2023]

New Mafia Family Ranking System

We've recently launched a new family ranks system for Made Man Mafia. To become the best family under the new ranks system, you need the best strategy and good teamwork.

How does it work?

Families now have an income level, and their own money tallies on each family page. Family income can be increased by completing a range of missions. Income will be processed at :15 and :45 every hour and will add to your total family money. Family members can contribute towards the mission effort every 5 minutes (3 minutes in TURBO rounds).

Why re-invent the wheel?

We've decided on this system as it has a number of benefits over traditional family ranking methods.

  1. It's weighted towards being the best family over the entire round.
  2. Requires members to work together to complete the missions.
  3. Opens up new tactical frontiers within the game. You can choose to improve your family, or sabotage others!
  4. The family ranks have now moved out of the shadow of Made Man ranks. It's no longer just an extra boost for the person who wins the round.
  5. There's huge scope for development here and we're looking forward to working with the community to make this a fun new part of the game.
  6. It works better to reward those players who can't make EOR.

Family Missions

Your main mission as a family is to expand the turf to increase family income. Expand your turf 3 times then you'll get a special mission. Special missions can provide added boosts to your income, money, or they can be used to target rival gangs. The default special mission is to pressure businesses on your family's turf to pay up more money to your family.

Who picks the missions?

The boss of the family may choose different special missions, and which enemy families to target. The boss ultimately sets the strategy and decids how the family will compete best for family ranks. Picking the right special mission at the right time can be the difference between the winning family and all the wanna-bes.

Available Family Missions

Here are the missions available and what they do.

Expand your Turf Expand Mafia Turf - special family mission - Made Man Mafia Increase your turf and income by up to 10%. Expand 3 times and get a special mission
Build Crypto Miners Build Crypto Miners - special family mission - Made Man Mafia Setup businesses to profit off cryptocurrencies. +30% family income
Forced Evacuation Expel enemies from your city - special family mission - Made Man Mafia Expel any players who are non-members of your family from your family's home city.
Pipe-Bomb Pipe-bomb another Mafia family - special family mission - Made Man Mafia Damage target family's income by 8%.
Disrupt Income Disrupt enemy organizations income - special family mission - Made Man Mafia The target family will receive no income for the next two additions.
Turf War Begin turf war against another family - special family mission - Made Man Mafia Steal turf and income from the target family. This can backfire if you pick the wrong fight! Steal up to 20% of their turf.
Extort Protection Money Extort Protection Money - special family mission - Made Man Mafia Pressure businesses on your turf to pay cash to the family. Earn 5X your income immediately.

Other ways to increase family income

You can boost the crew's income by expanding the family with new members. Income is increased by $1,000 the first time a player joins. Family income is also increased by $5,000 when a member completes the 2nd challenge (6 family mission contributions), and by $15,000 after the 7th challenge.

NEW - Join the Commission

By leading one of the five most powerful families, you gain extra turns, respect, and sway over the rest of the game. The commission is a brand-new feature that's unique to MMM.

Update for Fam Missions!

Ready to find a Mafia family?

The "Family" is such a huge aspect of Mafia life, and we're glad to be able to introduce more gameplay concepts that highlight this. We would also love to hear feedback from the community on how this affects your family in-game!

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