Keeping Mafia Game rounds replayable: How rounds work in MMM

[August 2023]

What is a Round?

Each round in Made Man Mafia is a race to the top. When you join the game, you can enter one or more rounds. Each round will have a start and end time, so even if you join late, you're not far behind. Your character enters the round where you can perform all the nefarious deeds required to reach the top of the Mafia underworld.

Every round is independent. The only things that you carry between rounds are your account membership, and your account upgrades. These will give you boosts in every round that you play. Once a round is over, prizes and medals are awarded to the top players. Are you a winner?

Why do we like rounds?

Rounds add replayability

You can take different approaches in different rounds, and even change your name to hide from your enemies.

Rounds are more friendly for new players

Having three new rounds each week means you can play as much as you want and not get stomped by players who have been online every hour for 5 years. You can also try lots of things out, and make mistakes without it ruining your progress.

Rounds provide a good measuring stick

Having three rounds that end every week gives you quicker feedback on what you're doing well and how you can put yourself in a winning position to earn prizes and medals.

Things you can do in each round:

  • Generate turns and use them to make your moves in game
  • Attack other players and steal their items
  • Recruit people to work in your businesses
  • Kill other players and steal their items
  • Join a family and work together to reach the top
  • Play mini-games regularly
  • Win medals and prizes
  • Become the Boss of Bosses
  • Find and secure intel to get ahead
  • Network with other players - take advantage of your allies and enemies
  • Join the community chat
  • Play some poker hands against rivals

What are the types of rounds?

So now you know what you can do in each round... what are the different game rounds that are available in Made Man Mafia?

Main Round

Mobile UI for Made Man Mafia - Blue highlights signal a Main round.

The Grand-daddy of all the other rounds. In the Main round, the top navigation is Blue

  • Turns every 10 minutes
  • Begins + Ends Sunday evening
  • Lasts 7 days
  • Cash jackpot starting at $25
  • Prizes for top players

Mini Round

Mobile UI for Made Man Mafia - Green highlights signal a Mini round.

Shorter and faster. In the Mini round, the top navigation is Green

  • Turns every 5 minutes
  • Monday -> Friday each week
  • Lasts 4 days
  • Cash jackpot starting at $10
  • Prizes for top players

Turbo Round

Turbo round desktop View in Made Man Mafia with red header signalling a Turbo Round.

All the action in just 2 hours. In the Turbo round, the top navigation is Red

  • Turns every 1 minute
  • Saturday evening
  • Lasts 2 hours
  • Cash jackpot starting at $5
  • Prizes for top players

Permanent Round

Turbo round desktop View in Made Man Mafia with Yellow header signalling the Permanent Round.

Where mobsters go on holiday. Read the full post. In the Permanent round, the top navigation is Yellow

  • Turns every 10 minutes, start with 5,000,000 turns
  • Never ends or resets
  • Lasts forever
  • No cash jackpot
  • No prizes
  • Keep your friends close
  • Messages don't expire

How to tell the difference between rounds?

The new MMM User Interface helpfully color-codes the round info navigation based on what type of round you're in. Main rounds are blue, Mini rounds are green, Turbo rounds are red, and the Permanent round is yellow.

Display of four user interface navigations highlighting the color differences between round types in Made Man Mafia.

How can I switch between different rounds?

When there are multiple rounds active, you'll see a Switch button which will show you a list of the available rounds. You can switch easily to other rounds by doing this.

Rounds Q & A

Can I play different rounds?

Yes! You can have one character in each round. There can be up to 3 rounds active at any one time, and you can play in all of them.

Why should you play multiple rounds?

Playing the Main, Mini, and Turbo rounds means you stand a much better chance at winning prizes. You've gotta be in it to win it! You can also build up your collection of medals much faster if you play all the rounds that are available. You can play from as little as 5 minutes per day if you're busy!

What happens to my character when a round ends?

When a round ends, your character is archived. You can create a new character in the new round, and you can use the same name if you want. If you won a prize with that character, you'll be able to see it in the "Past Winners" page which shows the winners from every round.

Why should you be online when the round starts?

When a round starts, everybody starts out with the same amount of operatives and defensives. Members will start with member perks such as higher reserved turns. All players will start with Max turns, so you can get in on the action right away! You'll also get a nice stack of reserved turns to use for the new round.

A random bot will start off as Capo di Tutti Capi . This means that if you're quick, you can get the Capo bonus by zeroing the bot before any other player does. This is the best way to guarantee completion of the challenge to become Capo di Tutti Capi, so don't hang around!

In each new round, there's a fresh chance to win MMM Cash from Intel. This is the best time to boost your account balance with MMM cash for free!

Why should you be online when the round ends?

Most players (and staff) refer to the final hour of a round as "EOR" - End of Round. This is when it pays to be active. The final ranks are all that matters, so if you're online you can make that final push to rank as high as possible. Make sure your cash is protected, your team-mates are safe from attacks, and that your family money is secured to give you the best possible results.

What are you waiting for?

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