Core Feature - The Made Man Mafia Commission

[October 2022]

What is the Commission in the Mafia?

The commission is a gathering of powerful figures in the American Mafia. The last reported meeting was in 2000. Bosses of New York's five families, and occasionally other affiliated Mafia groups would meet and discuss Mob business.

Made Man Mafia Introduces the Commission

Being such an influential force in the Mafia in the 20th century, adding a Commission to MMM makes a lot of sense.

This is a feature designed to reward creating a family and supporting the community. Family bosses of the five strongest families will be invited to the commission on the 1st of each month. This is a game feature that will be continually updated in the future. MMM continues to introduce rich and deep features like our awesome family rank system and we see the Commission as a core game feature going forward.

New Made Man Mafia Commission page showing details of commissioners and options for the commission members

Growing your legacy

Being a family boss has historically been a thankless task and a big headache. Becoming a member of the commission creates more up-sides to being a boss. Not only do you get to grow your family and get pleasure from seeing something you created thrive, but now you can also gain recognition from the entire game. All mafiosos can see which players are part of the commission, and that gives a certain amount of respect.

Commission members get more turns

Commission members will also get +500 base turn speed in all rounds for 30 days after joining the commission. That works out at nearly a million extra base turns over the month. These turns stack with subscriptions, mini subscriptions, and all other turn speed bonuses.

Who can be on the commission

Only human controlled players can be part of the commission. Non-Player-Character (NPC Bots) may not hold a seat. In the event that there are less than five human players running families on the first of the month, Family underbosses of the strongest families may take any vacant seats.

Become a powerful voice in the Mafia

The real power of the Commission is the sway they hold over the activities of the Mafia. It takes real stones to go against one of the Commission's rulings, and it may be the last thing a mafioso would ever do. The Commission can impose "rules" on the game. These are temporary rulings that affect all players in the game by promoting or disincentivizing certain activities.

Commission "Rules"

Here's a breakdown of currently available rules that the commission can impose. Once enacted, these rules are effective for 30 days.

  • Open Carry - Politicians have been paid off to legalize open carry everywhere. Weapon advances make them all 15% more deadly
  • Economic Woes - A crashed economy leads to more job-seekers. 10% increased hire rates
  • Narcotics Trafficking - Make contacts with mass narcotics producers. 10% Increased production of narcotics
  • Drugs Ban - The Commission disapproves of drug trafficking. 10% Lower Production rates of hard narcotics
  • Liberalized Banking - Encourage economic participation. Bank Transfers are free
  • Defense Contracts - Funding Increased for defense contractors. Kevlar 20% more effective, and bodyguards 15% more HP
  • Prohibition of alcohol - Alcohol sales are heavily regulated. More demand for home-brewed alcohol and bootleggers 15% more effective.
  • Green Airfare Levy - Massive levies are placed on aviation industry. Travelling is 3x more expensive
  • Prostitution Blind Eye - Massive bribes paid to police to ignore ilicit prostitution activity. All players collect 10% more with whores

Commission votes

Every 3 days, a commission member will put forth a rule before the commission. They can vote to enact one of these rules, or stop any active rules. Each commission member will propose in turn. The order will match the order of family money on the date that the commission was formed. After each member has proposed, it cycles back to the first member. Each of the 5 members has one vote. Rules need a majority to pass. Once all 5 members have voted, the result is announced. If any members abstain, the result of the vote will be decided before the next proposal.

Interested in getting on the commission? Start your family in MMM today and stake your claim!

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