New 2-hour fast-paced Turbo Round

[May 2022]

Turbocharge your Tuesdays!

Let's be honest, tuesdays suck. The week is in full flight, but we haven't hit hump day yet. Lots of the games you may play reserve their best bits for the weekend. Tuesday may be your most productive work day of the week. After all that, you need a bit of fun!

Mini round too long for you?

Looking back over 15 years of Mafia games, the most memorable things happen near the end of the round. With many games opting to finish every main round on the same day every week, things are usually quiet at the start. It's a chicken and egg situation, is it just quiet because nobody is expecting anything to happen? EOR seems like a long way away... Fear not!

Made Man Mafia will now run a 2-hour turbo round every Tuesday!

Time to make Tuesdays great again! The turbo round promises just the right amount of action. Put it in your diary, and see you on tuesday for the next installment! Read more about how rounds work

Adjustments for Turbo round

Because most games are stuck on 10 minute turn-cycles, they don't really have a good capacity to offer this type of round. Built on Anarchy Web Design's v3 Mafia Script, Made Man Mafia is flexible enough to offer turns every minute. That's not all...

  • Max your turns in just 30 minutes
  • Allowed 45 seconds of protection each minute
  • Bigger Killer prizes - for those with an itchy trigger finder
  • Extra killer cash prizes every TURBO
  • Higher jackpot contribution - 50% + 5% goes into jackpots
  • Family contributions can be made every 3 mins
  • Family income received every 5 mins
  • Bots build much faster
  • Capo di Tutti Capi bonus is available the entire round
  • Prizes awarded right after the round ends
  • When the round's done, check out the mini round.
  • More action, less waiting around!

Prove yourself in a new arena

Bring your friends along and show your worth. This is a whole new ball-game for Mafia Gamers. There's no slow build up, you just dive right in! The Turbo round demands real attention to detail and level-headedness under pressure. Only the best will be consistent winners at this new round type. Think you could be one of the best?

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