Network: what you need to know

[January 2023]

Network is a new feature

Build your criminal network in this online mafia game.  Screenshot of Made Man Mafia Network page and result of honoring a player

Above you can see a sample Network page. Building good relationships helps you find valuable Intel.

The latest new feature in Made Man Mafia. Network has been available to players for a few weeks now, and we've been hard at work making refinements based on player feedback. Expand your network by honoring (or dishonoring players). These are the players that are gonna have your back in game, and you've gotta keep building your relationships.

Bringing the Organization into Organized crime game

Adding to the Families that you can create, you now also organize fellow players and leverage your connections to get better results in game. The real life Mafia is built on the connections between its members, and MMM is no different. It's not what you know, it's who you know. Working with a team of like-minded players can help you rise to the top.

Building your Criminal Network

Make Friends

Becoming good friends with other players will result in more chances to gain intel when honoring each other, and will allow you to quickly find eachother, even when you may be hiding. Blood brothers should always have eachother's back.

Make Enemies

If you're not making any enemies, you're probably not that important. You've gotta tread on some toes to be the best player in Made Man Mafia. Dishonoring other players can erode their reputation - causing them to miss out on some intel. Dishonoring can also impede their ability to hire new people for their organization. By gaining a reputation as someone who gets things done, you may also gain the title of Capo di Tutti Capi

Manage your network: Useful tips

  1. Honor players you talk to in game
  2. Honor your family members, they'll want to help you out!
  3. You can clear players from your network using the trash can icon.
  4. You can honor more players each day if you become a Member
  5. Become Capo by making enemies and beating them.
  6. Mutually honor each other. You both get extra Mafia Intel!
  7. If you take this enemy business seriously, you can hear about their actions, and gain intel if they join a round after you.

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