What's the Family Bank in Made Man Mafia?

[July 2023]

Mobster walking into guarded bank vault with a bag of loot.  Family bank introduction in Made Man Mafia online game.

Safety In Numbers

There used to be a time when Made Men were untouchable. These days, with all-out war hitting Made Man Mafia, your best safety is in numbers. If you're flaunting your wealth, there are a dozen hungry wanna-be mobsters ready to cap you and take your loot. The Families have decided to protect their money by pooling together in huge vaults. Now, anybody that wants to rob a Connected Guy or Made Man will have to make an enemy of their entire family.

How does the Family Bank work?

The family bank is available to any Family in Made Man Mafia. Anybody can create their own family or join an existing one. Why join a family? Fam bank is just one of many reasons - Read more: Multiplayer features in MMM. Any member can deposit money. The Don, Underboss, and Family Banker may re-allocate funds from the Family Bank.

How to deposit in the Bamily Bank?

To deposit money in your family bank, you must first unlock the ability. If you're already logged in, the Account Progress page will let you unlock your family bank. Use upgrade points to enhance your abilities. Upgrade points are free and earned just by playing the game. Once you have the ability to use your family bank, go to your family page (see image below), and use the family bank deposit form.

Deposit slip for Family bank in Made Man Mafia.  Step by step walkthrough for Made Man deposit in family bank.

Team up, Win family prizes

You can win credits by being part of the best families in Made Man Mafia. Main, Mini, and Turbo rounds will all have credit prizes available for the families with the largest Family Bank total. This allows anyone to now win two different types of family ranks. Maximise your family income for family ranks, and bank the most cash for Family Bank prizes. Every member of the family will win credits if your family finishes a round inside the top 10.

Suggested by you

The family bank and family bank ranks have been developed due to player suggestions. If you want to play a game where your voice matters, and you're not already in MMM, what are you waiting for?

Register, then build your family!

Work out the best strategy

This is a very teamwork oriented feature. Organising your team, and coming up with a unified strategy on how to use your combined Upgrade tokens will make a real difference here. Can you come up with the best strategy to place your family above all others at the top of the ranks? Time to get your mobster thinking hat on!