New Family Missions, Turf Wars

[June 2022]

[Updated June 2023]

Expand your turf to earn more income - Made Man Mafia Family Mission Build crypto mining farms to boost income - Made Man Mafia Family Mission Eject non-friendly mobsters from your family territori - Made Man Mafia Family Mission pipe-bomb another family headquarters and damage their income permanently - Made Man Mafia Family Mission Disrupt enemy family income - Made Man Mafia Family Mission Begin a turf war against a rival mafia family - Made Man Mafia Family Mission Extort protection money from local businesses - Made Man Mafia Family Mission

Second round of updates on fam missions

Family ranks changed to our current system in March 2022, and we've spent a while gathering feedback before this set of updates. If you're not familiar with how family ranks work in MMM, check out the link below.

So What's new?

  • Special missions now more frequent
  • Two new special family missions
  • Disrupt rival's family income
  • Begin a Turf War against another family
  • "The Scene" is a new place to track game events

More Special Family Missions

A new special family mission will now be started after each 3 successful turf expansions. In combination with the new special missions, this will open up options for a more aggressive family mission strategy. You now have more chances to damage your enemies and to improve your family income. Special missions require more contributions than expanding turf, so getting your family on board with your plan is important.

New Mission: Disrupt enemy income

On successful completion, the targeted rival family will receive no income for a set time period. Income will be prevented for 1 hour in main / mini rounds, and for 20 minutes in TURBO rounds. This is one of the cheaper options so can be used tactically. This mission requires your family boss to choose a target family.

New Mission: Begin Turf War

Steal turf and income from your rivals. Take up to 20% of their income and add it to your own. For when doing one thing isn't sending a strong enough message. Members of both families can make moves in the turf war every 5 minutes (2 minutes in TURBO). View the new "Scene" page to check out the mobster scene and see active turf wars and results. The turf war requires contributions from all players to have the best chance at succeeding. Inactive players in your family are likely to bleed turf and make your war tougher. The enemy won't know when you're about to launch a turf war, so timing is key. Getting the jump on enemy gangs means you'll be able to take over some of their turf before they have time to react. Turf wars end after the timer runs out, or after 100 moves have been made, whichever comes first.

Update for 2023: A new challenge has been released for main and mini rounds. Complete three moves in a turf war that your family is involved in to complete the mission. You can complete these 3 moves at any point during the round and they'll count towards the challenge!

Mobster Scene: Keep up with events

Here you'll be able to see what's going on in Made Man Mafia. Keep track of who got whacked, who bit off more than they could chew, who got made and who's making a name for themselves. Find out who's Capo di Tutti Capi and how long they've held the title. See which families are making moves and predict their strategies. We've recently updated the Scene page to work better on mobile devices and will continue to add more events to this page!

Update for 2023: See who's getting lucky and finding MMM Cash in their intel - (How Intel Works)!

Are you keeping up with what's going on?

Check out the Mobster Scene and turf wars!