Intel Advanced Guide

[February 2023]

8 Intermediate & Advanced ways to get lots of Intel in Made Man Mafia

Screenshot of the Intel page on Made Man Mafia.  Collect folders of intel and progress in this online mafia browser game.

This is a follow-up to the introductory post on MMM Intel basics (updated Feb '23). Learning how Intel works can make or break your game in Made Man Mafia. Investing in your intel capabilities will give you powerful results over the course of the game.

Why is intel important?

If you're not sure what the benefits of intel are, check out the post on MMM Intel basics. In short, intel gives a great return on the turns you spend to get it. While the contents of each intel item have a degree of randomness, collecting over 200 of them will give you far more chances to get lucky, and smooth out your chances of getting unlucky.

  • Intel is the main source of KEVLAR in the game.
  • Intel is a great way to get the Capo bonus for free and complete your challenges.
  • Intel is a net positive on turns. For every 1000 turns used on intel, you usually get about 1500 back in the long term.
  • If you're feeling lucky, you could win MMM Cash which is used to buy items from the shop.

Intermediate strategies for more intel

So you know the basics, and why you want to get as much intel as possible. Let's start with some more involved ways to generate and collect more intel.

1. Give yourself space

Use your intel as soon as you get it. Your capacity is limited, so if several pieces become available, you want to be able to grab them all before anybody else. Keep your spaces free. Having to use intel you have stored up before you can claim any freely available public intel loses you valuable seconds. If you generate intel and don't have space for it, it'll become public and any other player has the chance to take it for themselves. You'll see some actions in-game make several intel items, don't let anyone else take them!

2. Daily bonus with streak

Login each day to gain a minimum of 1 piece of intel. Nice and simple, right? Did you know you could get up to 4 pieces of intel from your daily bonus though? Once your daily bonus streak hits 10 days, you'll get 2 pieces of intel. Claim your daily for 20 consecutive days, and this increases to 3 intel in your daily bonus each day. And stretch your streak to 30 days to pick up the maximum of 4 pieces of intel.

3. Sensible turn usage

Generating intel through turn usage is a fantastic source. If you use a lot of turns, you'll generate more intel. It's a self-reinforcing loop. More turns => more intel => more turns => more intel. That said, using your turns at the right time is also really important. Using lots of turns while your intel is maxed out will waste your opportunities and give other players the chance to snipe your intel.

4. Searching for Intel

This costs turns but gives you a great chance to find intel, it's nearly foolproof. The number of searches you can do every hour is determined by your Membership level, and which round you are playing. If you can log in and search the maximum amount throughout each day, you can accumulate hundreds of intel each week. Dedication really pays off here!

5. Consider becoming a Member

If you're thinking about challenging for the "Most Intelligent" medal in a round, becoming a member will give you a good advantage. Memberships can be had for as little as 71ยข per day. For that, you can search for intel more times each hour. You also get a larger capacity, so you can save more intel and save time while playing. There are many other benefits if you wish to Explore MMM Membership options.

Advanced Strategies

These techniques may not yield vast amounts of intel, but they can be targeted at your rivals to give yourself a decisive advantage if you're competing for most intel.

1. Working together to siphon intel from other players

Leverage the new Network Feature to target another player. You may dishonor a player you're competing with. This harms their reputation and creates a chance for any intel they generate to become public instead. This technique can be scaled fantastically if you have a strong family strategy. These dishonors will stack and give a greater chance to impede your enemy's intel generation. That leaves the door open for 3. - Sniping.

2. Making enemies and getting in the rounds first

This technique also leverages the Network and provoking Mortal enemies. This is a longer-term strategy, if you dishonor a player 42 times, They'll be your Mortal enemy. From there, if you join a round before they do, you'll receive an alert, and 3 Intel when they join the round. Get in early, and make enemies to start off with more intel!

3. Sniping Intel

There are a few ways to do this, but the technique relies upon quickly claiming public intel before other players.

  • Keep an eye on when players are active. Exploit any of their mistakes by claiming any intel they allow to become public.
  • You may be able to goad players into using a lot of turns. Any time they neglect to use their intel and get over capacity, you can jump in and profit.
  • Team up with your family to apply the maximum debuff on an enemy. You can guarantee their intel will become public with enough dishonors. From there, step in and take it before anyone else.

We hope you enjoyed this guide - If you'd like to see more in-depth guides like this, let us know on the community boards in-game!

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