Made Man Mafia Guide What's New?

What's New in Made Man Mafia?

Here's a snapshot of our latest game updates.

Made Man Mafia Post-Launch Updates

[September 2021] -

Here's a list of our upcoming changes. These will be implemented shortly after launch on October 3rd 2021.

  • Prizes will be progressive based on amount of credits added to the round
  • Mortal Enemies will be notified when one of their enemies joins a round
  • A second type of family ranks for families composed mostly of Made Men
  • Look at ranking families based on something other than Networth
  • Improvements to Shop Layout
  • Updates to Mobile User Interface to replace the "Main Menu" bar with a better alternative
  • View a list of all your active boosts / Bonuses
  • Friendly Sites links
  • Customized bonus rewards for voting links
  • A log of all changes made to the site, and the round in which the change took effect

Plus much more after, we'd be delighted to hear your input.

Launch Plans

[September 2021] -

Launch is still planned for Sunday 3rd October.

We still have lots of things to update and improve before then. Here are some of the changes you can expect.

In Progress

  • Adding more voting sites

  • Updating our prize configurations

  • Setting the rounds up to end on Thursday and Sunday Afternoon / Evening, depending on your location.

  • Improvements to subscriptions

  • Defining what's a "Made Man"

  • Defining our jackpot system in a new page.

  • Detailing the extra prize pot

  • Couple of fixes to business attacks

  • Mailbox fixes (pagination)

  • Update to boards to only show links to players in the current round

  • Updating Mass Message and Mass reserves handout admin tools

  • Adding Blood Brothers & Mortal Enemies to friends list options

  • Recent Attacks Page

Stay tuned, and please check out the game while we're updating, let us know your opinions! Just message an Administrator in game.

Emoji support? Yes please 😁

[July 2021] -
At Made Man Mafia we believe in using new technology to provide that retro thrill.

We've been hard at work updating message boards to allow native emoji support.

This means we can utilise native emoji, making communicating and connecting on Made Man Mafia easier. From a development perspective, it allows us to tap into the power of modern devices instead of maintaining code to insert small icons of GIFs. That means we can concentrate on making the game fun, competitive, and easy to navigate.

If you can see the smiley emoji in the title, great news, you can view emoji on Made Man Mafia on your device. All modern smartphones should be supported, as well as recent versions of Windows, Max OS, and Linux.

Enable emoji support in Windows 7

Support for displaying emoji in windows 7 is a little patchier. If you have automatic updates enabled, you should be able to see most emoji. If you don't have automatic updates, you can Install a standalone font update from Microsoft. Simply follow the instructions on your page, select the x64 for 64 bit operating systems, and the x86 for 32 bit operating systems.

Updated Purchases

[July 2021] - We've introduced a new form of mini subscription.
Account subscriptions apply to all rounds unlike other games. Every round you play while you have a subscription, you'll get better turn rates.

Mini round subscriptions now MULTIPLY your turn speed. This is a great way to double up and really make the most of your subscription.

We have also updated the payment options available. Packs where you can purchase multiple now allow you to select the quantity - up to the amount of remaining packs you have available. This way, you can buy multiple packs without the possibility of going over the maximum amount.

You will now also receive an in game message receipt for every purchase with details about what you bought.

Game Updates - Black Market

[May 2021] - Made Man Mafia black market is better than ever. Layout has been updated to make it easy on mobile devices, and we have fixed issues with large numbers.

Always have enough beer to keep the Made Man Mafia party going!

Game Updates - Attacks

[May 2021] - All the user actions on Made Man Mafia have been re-made to be as efficient as possible. Using PHP 8, we can get more functionality, and more speed with less code.

Attacks are completely re-written, and are a modern and forward looking upgrade to the game. They allow for new bonuses, re-balance the damage, and as always with Made Man Mafia, allow for epic flexibility. Admin can decide whether Mafiosos may revenge attack on revenges, and whether players can protect against revenge attacks.

New Authentication

[May 2021] - Made Man Mafia users can now create an account and login quicker than ever. Optional email verification can be decided by the admin, so you can get playing in record time.

We have completely remade our login system to use the latest security. Made Man Mafia follows industry standards for keeping your account safe. Make sure you pick a strong password! We recommend using a password manager such as BitWarden or 1password to securely generate and remember strong passwords.

We're Mobile

[May 2021] - Made Man Mafia now works better than ever on your mobile. Mafia Gaming on the go was never so good!

Made Man Mafia uses responsive design to serve up lightweight pages that are easier to navigate on a touchscreen.

We have also updated our desktop styles to take advantage of today's bigger screens.

Enhanced payments

[May 2021] - Made Man Mafia now uses both paypal PDT and IPN so any purchase you make is credited to your account as soon as you return from making payment.

No more breaks in the action waiting for your purcahses to come through!


[May 2021] - We've done extensive research on how to better rank your game for search engines. New games will have the ability to update your SEO keywords for each page, allowing potential players to find your Mafia Game easier.