Made Man Mafia Guide What's New?
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What's New in Made Man Mafia?

Here's a snapshot of our latest game updates.

Game Updates - Black Market

[May 2021] - AWD Mafia v3 black market is better than ever. Layout has been updated to make it easy on mobile devices, and we have fixed issues with large numbers. Always have enough beer to keep the AWD Mafia v3 party going!

Game Updates - Attacks

[May 2021] - All the user actions on AWD Mafia v3 have been re-made to be as efficient as possible. Using PHP 8, we can get more functionality, and more speed with less code. Attacks are completely re-written, and are a modern and forward looking upgrade to the game. They allow for new bonuses, re-balance the damage, and as always with AWD Mafia v3, allow for epic flexibility. Admin can decide whether Mafiosos may revenge attack on revenges, and whether players can protect against revenge attacks.

New Authentication

[May 2021] - AWD Mafia v3 users can now create an account and login quicker than ever. Optional email verification can be decided by the admin, so you can get playing in record time. We have completely remade our login system to use the latest security. AWD Mafia v3 follows industry standards for keeping your account safe. Make sure you pick a strong password! We recommend using a password manager such as BitWarden or 1password to securely generate and remember strong passwords.

We're Mobile

[May 2021] - AWD Mafia v3 now works better than ever on your mobile. Mafia Gaming on the go was never so good! AWD Mafia v3 uses responsive design to serve up lightweight pages that are easier to navigate on a touchscreen. We have also updated our desktop styles to take advantage of today's bigger screens.

Enhanced payments

[May 2021] - AWD Mafia v3 now uses both paypal PDT and IPN so any purchase you make is credited to your account as soon as you return from making payment. No more breaks in the action waiting for your purcahses to come through!


[May 2021] - We've done extensive research on how to better rank your game for search engines. New games will have the ability to update your SEO keywords for each page, allowing potential players to find your Mafia Game easier.